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Insert the USB drive and watch as it appears on that list. Drag and drop it under the drive names in the Disk Utility app. Step 4 : Next, select the file, and then click on "Burn" in the same window. In the popup that appears, select your destination drive, which is the USB flash drive you want to burn the DMG file to.

Click "Burn" in the popup window. Once the process is complete, remove the USB stick and use it to install the application associated with that DMG on any other Mac computer. The interface is very simple, and all you need to do is click a few times and the job is done for you.

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Assuming you have a USB drive with enough capacity, it can hold several programs. DMG Editor doesn't require any technical expertise because it is specifically designed for new users who may not be comfortable handling disk images. All the hard work is done behind the scenes, and the layout is intuitive enough for any novice to figure out what to do.

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Install DMG Editor after downloading it from the official site. Insert your USB drive into a free port.

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Click on Burn. That's it! You can now use this to install the program or programs to another Mac computer after converting them back to the DMG format. In certain instances, you may want to use a Windows computer instead of a Mac, which means you won't have the disk utility.

How to Easily Create a Linux Live USB in macOS

Follow the steps below to do this. In this case, you will need to convert it back to the DMG format for the installation. This is very useful if your Mac has become unbootable and you only have a Windows alternative. Also, it's better to take a backup of existing data so you don't lose it during the burn process.

Follow the steps below to use TransMac:. The day trial will let you execute the process we're going to describe, so go ahead and install it. Also, why do I have to remove it anyhow?

As I create the stick on the same MacBook I want to install. Can't I just leave the stick and restart computer for boot selection? I know this is an old post, but you said that the USB drive works on your newer Mac model but not on your 32 bit older one, correct? Which version of the software did you download 32 bit or the bit one? If you are using the bit one on the bit machine that would be your problem. Also, what size is the usb stick are you using? Created an account just to post.

Having the exact same issue, Bootable usb created properly not showing up in macbook pro boot menu, only hard drive shows.

Installation is corrupt. I really appreciate you taking the time to send some feedback to us and other users - hopefully this can be a useful find for people in the future who has similar issues. That suggests that what's currently on your device is not bootable. If so, what happened to it? A Few days ago, i installed this same High Sierra on another Mac, same year model and same specs.

Creating a USB Installer for Apple OS X 10.5-10.6

But just too come to the point where i find myself stuck at the same point as before. It was not my intention to be rude or dismissive, just to emphasize that we're pretty expert in some things, but not everything. In particular, if CloudReady is causing a problem that other OSs don't, then we like to take some responsibility for that and do our best to help. On the other hand, if neither Mac nor CloudReady nor Ubuntu will boot on your device, it starts to sound like a hardware issue of some kind to me, which no one here will be equipped to help you with.

We're all about helping around here - I hope I haven't spoiled your feelings on this community. If you can get another OS booting any let us know and we can use that as a starting point for figuring out why some do and some don't.

I also got exactly the same problem on my Macbook Pro Kindly suggest if there is any update on the solution. Anyone who is having this problem while trying to create a bootable USB from a Windows PC using TransMac should give this option a try if its not working for you.

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive With OS X Snow Leopard

What i did after hours and hours of searching and trying different things is i found a copy of High Sierra in a. After recovering the. Please sign in to leave a comment. Vincent De Roy April 08, What to do? Any help would be much appreciated! Sort by Date Votes.

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