Mac sparsebundle no mountable file systems

No file dialog to get in the way.. Hi there Well, I tried both versions of your script on several disk images including one that I KNOW mounts fine by itself , and most of them were grayed out in my file dialog. My first thought was that perhaps they were corrupted, but at least one of them mounts fine on its own, and it was not accessible either. I very much appreciate your scripting skills, but do you have any idea why I might be having such problems? Any suggestions from anyone else out there? I would really appreciate the help! Thanks in advance, mlaurenc.

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I may just be a big newbie, and I undoubtably am , but when running this script the only items I could select when it asked me which DMG I wanted to mount were file folders and no DMG files. Even with a foler selected, "Choose" never highlit. Am I doing something wrong?

Also, is there an applescript super newbie thread I should be hitting up before getting to knee deep in this? I'm running While this is a nice workaround - I really wish the problem would be solved instead. Very annoying. On my machine - happens everyday after about my tenth disk mount. I must say, it doesn't happen much with me.

hdiutil(1) [mojave man page]

I am writing a script that triggers mounting of dmg and the "disktool -r" seems to solve some of my problem. Good luck. I tried this Hint for the first time today, but I didn't appear to have the relevant utility. Typing in hd and tab brought up hdiutil which is not the command quoted in the actual command string in the Hint. Anyway, I tried hdiutil, and it tried to attach the dmg, but failed with the same problem: no mountable file systems.

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I tried the applescript but nothing is highlight-able Infants are born. Children learn as they grow. Knowledge is power. Information in the wrong minds is deadly!!! Same here It won't work Infants are born. Lost your password?

macOS Error Opening .dmg Disk Image - No Mountable File Systems

Powered by the Parse. On my machine, OS X DMG after a few days of use, and DMG files which mounted just fine before now fail with a "No mountable file systems" error message. Most people assume that this points to a problem with the DMG file s , but this is not always the case. This will properly mount the DMG files, which can then be unmounted normally using the Finder.

macOS Sierra - How to fix no mountable file Systems

Failure to mount DMG files has been a real problem for me, and I am surprised this issue has not been fixed. Having to mount DMG files as root points to a permission problem to me.

Their only listed solution is to upgrade to Force-mount unmountable disk images 16 comments Create New Account. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. Force-mount unmountable disk images Authored by: dubmaster on Sep 15, '04 PM. I am stuck at the same spot as wilsondo. Any ideas? You should have seen some activity there. Detach the image and go back and check what you could have done wrong. To detach:.

Again, this is in my case. If you got anything different when you ran hdiutil attach, then that is what you want to put here. Everything went well, but after the the first new back-up, then next morning TC had lost connection, it looks like there are two mounts everytime… i. Since it may be of use to readers: I have read that sparse images are fine but there should only be one master images that is propagated to copies by the copying of the internal bands. Any work on the copy and attempt to then interconnect with the old master will probably corrupt.

Thus write access to copies should be carefully controlled. Thanks for your feedback. I agree with your advise not to connect to a TimeMachine-sparsebundle file from another computer as long as the sparsebundle file is okay. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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