Mac os 10.10 vs 10.11

Some of the measurements are approximate and might show different figures in the case of your Mac, like battery life, which depends heavily on its age and intensity of usage.

OS X El Capitan review: bringing even older Macs up to speed

As you can see, macOS Sierra is pretty packed with new features. Some of the goodies can only be used if you have other Apple devices, like iPhone or Apple Watch.

Optimized Storage is a whole separate story on how Apple tried to make a good space cleaning solution and almost succeeded. But it will look for files on your Mac or on the web and find you a place to have that anniversary dinner.

macOS Sierra vs OS X El Capitan: Everything You Need To Know

Which is nice. On average, an upgrade will cost you a few hours of work. On the other hand, at least a fresh-installed system is really snappy and the response is amazing.

OS X 10.11 vs 10.10 vs 10.9 - TechBurst

Just make sure your Mac supports Sierra, otherwise instead of getting faster it will slow down even more. The main difference is with the Mac models, you can see Apple support page for more details on which Macs can upgrade, but the official requirements for RAM and disk space are the same, even though technically the installation file for Sierra is smaller. To sum it up, if you have a late Mac, Sierra is a go.

We hope this guide has been of help. Remember to backup your files and upgrade safely.

Shake and you shall see

Big changes happen on the surface every two years with the tick updates with the following year consolidating and refining. Apps load and respond visibly faster, as do documents and emails. Switching between apps is also faster, as is browsing large PDFs, documents and images.

Apple claims that speed has improved between 1.

Should I Upgrade to Mac OS X El Capitan?

Metal replaces OpenGL and speeds things up. Those that can and will interact with Metal directly — programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Premier, or games — will see an even greater boost.

Comparison: Mac OS X El Capitan VS Yosemite

Beyond speed, a few small elements have been improved. El Capitan improves full-screen window management with Split View, taken straight from iOS , allowing two apps to fill one screen with a resizing line down the middle just like Windows 8. Full-screen Mac Mail is now easier to use with compose windows that minimise to the bottom of the screen and stack in tabbed windows.

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The same swiping gestures to archive or mark email as read from iOS also work on a touchpad too, although I found moving through mail with keyboard shortcuts easier. A new mute button also exists in the address bar to kill annoying background audio from videos or ads. Apple Maps now shows public transport directions.