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The conversion in. In reading the. Inserting page breaks in the original does not help and would not be much of a solution for a document of any size. Well…not in the latest 5. The whole procedure of Exporting To leaves my computer with loads of double docs- terrible. I believe there is only one reason folks are getting double documents Pages and Word. When you create a document and Save As in. It appears to always ask when you close Pages.

Is there any way to change the settings, so that it saves it automatically as a word-file every time? Even OpenOffice seems like a gem compared to it! This would be great except for the fact that Pages takes a kb file and converts it into a bloated 1. This bug has been in pages since 5. I have the opposite effect: going from pages 5. Any thoughts about converting many documents at the same time? I have several policy books that I have been asked to tweak for an organization, but I am having to convert each document singularly. Is there a way to find the documents, highlight them, then convert all at the same time?

Is this overly complicated or am I just mis-reading something? The saved file shows up as both a Pages doc and a Word doc. Thank you for this great tip. I was literally about to buy Microsoft Office I only need MS Word so I can send docs to PC users but when I saw their subscription pricing model, which is very expensive, I decided to look for an alternative. As usual, Apple has it covered.

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When I make a pages doc on my ipad then send it to my Imac running How can I get it to open. Is there anyway to change it to Pages or Word icon? Name required.

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What Is Microsoft Word for Mac?

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March 8, at am. February 26, at am. It also just happens to resolve many of the issues covered in the speed up section of this site, so Download CleanMyMac to get your Mac back up to speed today. Collaborating on documents can be difficult when you have a Mac, and everyone else owns a Windows PC.

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Does your heart sink every time you receive a PowerPoint file from one of your PC-based colleagues? If you have a newer Mac, then Keynote may already be pre-installed, but even if your Mac is an older model, you can download the latest version of Keynote for free, from the App Store. If you make any changes to the presentation, you can either save it as a Keynote file, or export it in.

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If the recipient has an iCloud account, then you can invite them to view and edit the presentation in their web browser, via Keynote for iCloud, similar to how you invite people to collaborate on Google docs. This creates a link that you can share over any channel that supports text, such as Facebook, Messages or even as an SMS.

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  • Google Drive will automatically convert the PowerPoint presentation into a Google Slides document, and add it to your Drive. You can then open and edit this presentation, in exactly the same way as any other Google Drive document. Anyone who has this link, will then be able to access your presentation, regardless of their operating system, or what software they have installed on their machine:. You can now paste this link anywhere that supports text, such as emails, your blog, or share it over Twitter as a tweet or a direct message.

    If you regularly collaborate with PC-based colleagues, then it can be handy to know how to open and edit Microsoft Word files on your Mac.

    4 Tips for Avoiding Common Issues With Apple Mail Attachments

    Pages is the Apple equivalent of Microsoft Word, making it one of the quickest and easiest ways to open Word documents on your Mac. Pages comes pre-installed on newer Macs, but if you have an older model then you can download Pages for free from the App Store. To open a. Apple have also released an online version of Pages that you can access via your iCloud account.

    How Word for Mac differs from Word for Windows

    Using this service, you can convert Microsoft Word documents to Pages documents, edit them online, and then share them via a link that can be accessed in any web browser, and on any operating system. The drawback is that this document is only accessible online, as a Pages for iCloud document. If you have a Google account, then you can upload Microsoft Word documents to your Google Drive account, where you can access, edit and share them as a Google Doc.